Zerodha Trading A/c വഴി ഗ​വ​ൺ​മെൻറ്​ Securities സിലും നിക്ഷേപിയ്ക്കാം


ഇനി മുതല്‍ Zerodha യുടെ Trading A/c വഴി ഓഹരി വ്യാപാരം ,Mutual Fund’s നിക്ഷേപങ്ങള്‍ മാത്രമല്ല, ഉയര്‍ന്ന പലിശ നിരക്കും സുരക്ഷിതത്വവുമുള്ള ഗ​വ​ൺ​മെൻറ്​ Securities സിലും അനായാസേനെ ഓണ്‍ലൈന്‍ ആയി വീട്ടില്‍ ഇരുന്നു കൊണ്ട് തന്നെ നിക്ഷേപം നടത്താം .

What are Government-Securities?

In order to meet its fiscal expenditure, the government has to borrow money. The RBI issues T-bills and Bonds on behalf of the Govt to raise money by offering a fixed return on investment. Very similar to how banks give interest on fixed deposits and use that money to lend to others, Govt uses it to run our country. G-Secs is a collective term for these two type of securities: maturities less than 1 year are called T-bills and those more than one year are called bonds.

Why G-Secs?

G-Secs across maturities offer higher yields compared to bank FD’s. You can potentially lockin the interest rate for as long as 40 years whereas FDs have a maximum tenure of 10 years.

G-Secs Vs Fixed deposits

G-Secs are guaranteed by Govt of India and are virtually risk-free, unlike bank FDs. Did you know that if a bank defaults, deposits are only guaranteed up to Rs 1 lakh under deposit insurance and credit guarantee scheme of India. Debt mutual funds can lose value, as you must have realized in the last few months during the NBFC crisis.

How to invest?

The exchanges open a non-competitive bidding window every week for G-Secs. Bids for T-Bills are collected from Monday to Tuesday and for Bonds from Tuesday to Thursday with cut-off time at 3.30 pm. Apply using your Zerodha account and the funds will be deducted from your trading balance. G-Secs will be credited to your demat upon successful allotment within 2 days and all interest payments will be credited to your bank account.

കൂടുതല്‍ വിവരങ്ങള്‍ക്കും A/c Open ആക്കാനും നിങ്ങളുടെ വിലാസം ഇവിടെ രജിസ്റ്റര്‍ ചെയ്യുക ,ഞങ്ങള്‍ നിങ്ങളെ തിരിച്ചു വിളിക്കാം .Make an Investment Today, Save your hard earned money !

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